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preserving flowers for brides to cherish their sweet memories forever


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We offer a variety of preservation items including resin arches, coasters, and ring holders. 

giving your flowers another moment in time

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Have you ever asked the question, “What do I do with my flowers after my wedding?”. After my wedding in 2018, I asked this same question. I figured that if I was asking that question, so were other brides. So I preserved my wedding flowers in lamination and then decided to start a business and fill this need. It evolved into beautiful resin work that I am so proud to create for you today. 

I preserve brides flowers so you can cherish your bouquet longer than just the wedding day

Hi, I’m Bri!

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And I am honored to be the one to preserve your special flowers. 

Flowers mean so much to me, so I know how much they mean to others. They’re with you when you walk down the aisle. When you celebrate. When you mourn. They hold so many memories that are worth holding onto. 

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Lauren M.

"If you’re on the fence, you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful magic that Bri can work with your flowers."

The Leon’s

"Brianna did an amazing job preserving the flowers of my wedding bouquet!"

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floral preservation boutique BASED IN boise, id

emplem & pine


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I’m a total foodie

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